Who we are

The women behind The Second Source come from all parts of the media, from magazines to national newspapers and broadcasters.

Mindful that things like race, class and sexuality can make individuals even more vulnerable, we seek a woman-led, intersectional way forward.

We also have several freelancers, who know what it can be like to have little power if things go wrong.

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Our team

Emily Reynolds
Jasmine Andersson
Stephanie Boland
Kirstie Brewer
Barbara Speed
Louise Ridley
Victoria Richards
Sandra Glab
Jem Collins
Jessica Elgot
Aamna Mohdin
Megha Mohan
Tara Mulholland
Hannah Riding
Robyn Vinter
Hannah Storm

Our supporters

We’re pleased to have cross-party political support.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said:

“The harassment some women journalists have faced in the workplace is appalling—and it is the responsibility of us all to call it out. This needs to be a turning point.”

“I strongly support the women journalists who have come together to create The Second Source. We must do everything we can to ensure women are able to speak out and have their concerns properly investigated.”

Caroline Lucas MP said:

“I’m really pleased to support this network which aims to tackle sexual harassment in journalism. No one should have to suffer harassment at work—and it’s great to see women working together to change behaviour and attitudes in this male-dominated industry.”

Jo Swinson MP said:

“Sexual harassment is sadly a problem in every industry, but I’m optimistic the media revelations about Hollywood and politics in recent weeks can become a positive catalyst for change.”

“That’s why I’m delighted to support the women journalists creating The Second Source to campaign for changes in the media industry. For all the justified media outrage about sexual harassment in other workplaces, the media must recognise it needs to act on its own harassment problem too.”

Maria Miller MP said:

“Sexual harassment and sexual abuse should have no place in our society, but in practice two-thirds of girls at school, half of all women students in higher education, and more than half of all female employees in the workforce have been subjected to harassment.”

“I welcome this new campaign to tackle sexual harassment in journalism and its ambition to bring about a culture change in the industry.”


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