The Second Source launch our inaugural mentorship scheme for women early in their careers in 2018.

One of the reasons we formed the Second Source was to start a sisterhood and shatter the culture of silence in the media.

We know it can often be an intimidating and overwhelming arena to enter, especially for those from non-traditional backgrounds. We don’t want you to feel alone.

2019 mentorship scheme

The Second Source is looking for mentors and mentees for its second annual mentorship scheme for women and non-binary journalists, which will begin in October 2019. 

This is a mentorship scheme specifically aimed at women and non-binary journalists in the UK who are starting out professionally, who are considering dropping out of the industry, or who feel like they need more direction.

It will last for one year from October 2019 and mentors and mentees are expected to meet or speak at least 4 times over the year. We also hope to hold careers and networking events for mentors and mentees. Events in 2018 included a CV workshop, a panel on arts and features journalism and in conversation interviews with Lyse Doucet and Mishal Husain.

Mentees must be journalists who identify as women or non-binary and who are in the first five years of their career, but we particularly encourage those in insecure or freelance work and those who come from communities currently underrepresented in journalism—whether that be in terms of race, class, gender identity, mental health, sexuality, neurodiversity or disability.

Mentors can be any working UK journalists who identify as women or non-binary.

We intend this mentorship scheme to be different from just career development advice, though we can offer that.

Your mentor will be someone you can come to for advice on stress, office politics, difficult relationships and how to boost your confidence and maintain your drive. Everything between you and your mentor is confidential.

We take mentoring seriously and have used feedback from last year’s scheme to make improvements to the 2019 scheme. We expect our mentors to agree to meet with or speak to their mentees at least four times over the year, to use their connections and experience to help them, and to attend a one-off mentor training in person or remotely.

We will try to match mentees with a mentor with professional experience as close to their aims as possible. If we can’t find a mentee in the same field of journalism as you we may suggest a mentor in a different field who we feel can still help support you. If this is the case we will get in touch with you to see what you think before connecting you.

We regret that we can’t accept students, but if you are a student please sign up to our newsletter at to hear about news and events from us.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 15th September 2019. 

Please apply to be a mentee here.

Please apply to be a mentor here.

Full guidelines for how the mentorship scheme works can be found here.

Questions? Please see the application FAQ below, and for any other questions about the scheme please email

Applications FAQ

Am I eligible to apply as a mentee?

  • Yes, if you are in the UK, in the first 5 years of your journalism career, you identify as a woman or non-binary, and you are not a student.

Am I eligible to be a mentor?

  • Yes, if you are a working UK-based journalist who idenitifies as female or non-binary, and you want to help make journalism more supportive, fair and diverse as profession. If you have fewer than 5 years of professional experience please still apply, and we will match you with a mentee if we have an applicant we feel can benefit from the relationship.

I was a mentor last year, can I be a mentor again?

  • Yes please. We encourage you to stay in touch with your previous mentee too.

Do I have to have a staff job?

  • No, and we specifically encourage freelancers to apply.

Do I have to have experienced harassment or descrimination to apply?

  • No. While The Second Source was orignally founded to address sexual harassment in journalism, we have evolved into a network for all women and non-binary journalists. We encourage those who have experienced harassment and discrimination to apply and will treat them as a priority, but we welcome all applications.

Do I have to live in London?

  • No, we encourage anyone in the UK to apply. We will try to find you a mentor who lives close to you if possible, and if not then you can meet over Skype or phone calls.

I was a mentee last year, can I apply for another mentor this year?

  • We encourage our mentees and mentors to stay in touch after their official year together has finished. If you were happy with your mentor relationship last year we would not give you a mentor again as we want to include as many people in the scheme as possible. But if you were unhappy with your mentorship experience, please email us on and we will try to find you a 2019 mentor.

I was a mentee last year and I wasn’t happy – who can I talk to?

  • We’ve used feedback from last year to evolve this year’s scheme, including ensuring that mentors complete mentoring training, commit to meeting or speaking to mentees at least four times over the year, and planning to match mentors and mentees with more similar career interests than last year. If you have feedback to share please email