The Second Source mentorship scheme

The Second Source launch our inaugural mentorship scheme for women early in their careers in 2018.

One of the reasons we formed the Second Source was to start a sisterhood and shatter the culture of silence in the media.

We know it can often be an intimidating and overwhelming arena to enter, especially for those from non-traditional backgrounds. We don’t want you to feel alone.

How to apply

We will be running the scheme again in 2020. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to for updates.

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About the scheme

This is a mentorship scheme specifically aimed at women who are starting out as professional journalists, who are considering dropping out of the industry, or who feel like they need more direction.

It’s available to any woman in the first five years of their career, but we do particularly encourage those in insecure work and who come from communities currently underrepresented in journalism—whether that be in terms of race, class, gender identity, mental health, sexuality, neurodiversity or disability.

We intend this mentorship scheme to be different from just career development advice, though we can offer that.

Your mentor will be someone you can come to for advice on stress, office politics, difficult relationships and how to boost your confidence and maintain your drive. Everything between you and your mentor is confidential.

As a group of women, we come from different backgrounds and specialise different fields.