Is this one of these witch hunts I’ve been hearing so much about?

Absolutely not. This isn’t Salem and it’s 2017.

More seriously: we don’t release names or accusations. Our aim is to support women, and their bosses, in changing the culture in journalism for the better.

Do you provide mentoring?

We can certainly mentor on an informal, one-on-one or two-on-one basis. One of the things women tell us is that they lack contacts with senior women, which can be difficult in an industry where favours are big currency. This is particularly tricky for working-class journalists—or anyone who enters journalism without contacts already in place.

We’ll be acting as an alternative network for young women. Going forward, we hope to create a proper scheme for this—and keep an eye out for our events!

Do you include trans women?

Yes, as trans women are women. More generally, although we are women-led and women-focussed, we are happy to hear from people of any gender.

But there’s a difference between a friendly hug and sending explicit photos! How do you know what constitutes harassment?

Each of us has several dozen data points to use on this. Contrary to popular belief, most women can tell the difference between an awkward pass and a power play.

That being said, we’ll listen to any woman who has been made to feel uncomfortable—and we don’t name names.

Shouldn’t women just toughen up and get on with it?

We did. Now we’re done.